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New Benefits for the International Students! More Freedom to work in Australia!

Just recently, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has publicly announced new benefits for the International Students who are working in the Hospitality & Tourism Sectors. How are these benefits applied? Basically, more freedom to work with the Student Visa with no hours' limit at all during a fortnight period.

From ACE Australia, we have been working alongside the ISEAA Members with the Australian Government to accomplish certain measures that bring benefits to the International Students Community that involves us all. This measure from this project brings great satisfaction to us all! Let's enjoy it!

It is important to highlight that the Student Visa has a 40-hours work permit per fortnight and no hours' limit at all during academic holidays within the Qualification you are pursuing. From this announcement onwards, the condition of no hours' limit will be in place at all moments through the period this measure is officially active.

Benefits for International Students in Australia

In which ways does this benefit reach each International Student Visa holder? Simply by being employed at one of this sectors - Hospitality & Tourism -. From the announcement of this measure, your Employer would be able to create full-time shifts for your working time with no limits at all. This is something really appreciated and valuable among all the ACE Australia Community.

In which other employment sectors I can be benefitted? To the Hospitality & Tourism Sector, the following sectors are also included in the measure:

  • Aged Care Services.

  • National Disability Insurance Provider.

  • Health Care .

  • Agriculture Sector.

The ACE Australia Team is fully available for any inquiries! And your employer too!

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